Hard shell cases and gigbags

Your new instrument surely deserves adequate care and hence we supply our guitars in lockable hard shell cases or padded cases called gigbags. The best protection for your instrument is provided by plastic hard shell cases Hiscox. Their low weight and high resistance is the optimal combination for protecting your new instrument.
Padded cases Šiba are cheaper and more easily transportable variant of the hard shell cases. Gigbags are more comfortable for daily travels with the bass guitar and they feature backstraps and pockets for accessories as well.

Setting up the instrument

As a standard, I put the Elixir strings on the instruments. I ll gladly string your bass with your favourite or preferred set of strings. 


Factors such as high or low humidity and the accompanying low or high temperatures can influence the tuning of the bass guitar. Do not expose the bass guitar to extreme temperatures. Do not leave it in a car in the sun in summer or in rooms that are not heated in winter. All these factors influence the condition and sound of the instrument and can also cause mechanical issues.

Each instrument requires its due care. Keep in mind that the bass guitar is built from wood which is natural material with only a thin layer of protective varnish on it. After playing it is a good idea to wipe sweat and impurities from the instrument with a piece of flannel cloth.  Do not use furniture polishes or any other household agents. To take a good care of the fretboard and strings, use high quality agents for musical instrument maintenance. 

Setting the bass guitar is an intermediately complicated operation. If you are not sure how to do it, it is better to approach a qualified serviceman.

The bridges of the instruments are equipped with allen key screws. The allen key is used to adjust the height of the action or to fix string spacing.  You can also use the allen key to set the trussrod of the neck. Always use a key that is not worn out; by doing so you can prolong the lifespan of the bass guitar screws. 

If the instrument has active electronics, it is powered by one or two 9V batteries. When changing the batteries, unscrew the cover on the backside of the guitar or remove the battery from the battery box. Be careful during the process and take care not to confuse the contacts.