Pickups and electronics

The AV Basses instruments are equipped with passive and active electronics.

Passive electronics means simple wiring of pickups to potentiometers of volume and the so called tone control into the output jack. Active electronics means adding a small active preamp between these potentiometers and output jack. It is possible to use an equalizer in the range of basses, mids and treble.

As a standard I equip instruments by AV Basses electronics. The frequency of the active electronics is set to 200-800-5500 Hz. These values can be adjusted according to your needs. The electronics are powered by 9V batteries. Instruments with active electronics are always equipped by a stereo output jack that is connected to the negative pole of the battery. When the jack is disconnected from the instrument, the active circuit is interrupted and the battery does not discharge.

Instruments can also be equipped by electronics from well-known bass guitar equipment producers, such as Bartolini, Aquilar, EMG, Glockenklang, Basslines, Nordstrand and many others.

There are several categories of pickups. You can choose from active or passive, but mainly from singles or humbuckers. Active pickups require a 9V battery (in this case it is not yet active electronics). 

Passive pickups can have open pole magnets or can be fully hidden in plastic or wooded covers. Each pickup deserves a more detailed description.

Traditional models AVBJ and AVBP are equipped by pickups Nordstrand, Aguilar, Lundgren. The most modern instruments AVB1 and AVBS have pickups Bartolini, Kent Armstrong, Delano, Basslines (Seymour Duncan), EMG, Nordstrand, Aguilar.