What does AV Basses offer ?

Why a custom-made instrument?

There are many reasons to choose a custom built instrument, but ultimately it comes down to the musician’s desire for an instrument that fully reflects who they are as an artist – both musically and visually.

Working from the ground up – from wood & hardware a high degree of accuracy in both hand and machine work, results in a top quality instrument that surpasses those commonly available in music stores.

  • 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 sting, and other atypical electronic string instruments

  • Fretted and fretless designs

  • Choose from one of 3 standard AV Basses body shapes, or we can build a custom design limited only by your imagination

  • Personal consultation to establish individual specifications for everything from wood types through to hardware and accessories

  • Superior hardware, pickups and electronics from renowned manufacturers

  • Quality bags and/or cases to protect your dream instrument

  • Repairs and modifications

  • Left-handed instruments available at no additional cost